Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream

Introducing the BEST numbing cream on the market. We have spent years developing this product to make your next procedure completely PAIN FREE ! This product has endless uses including tattoos, microblading, permanent make-up, laser hair removal, piercings, injections, waxing, and other non-invasive procedures. Could you imagine getting a tattoo and feeling no pain for 4 hours and then when the pain starts again you just add some more on and keep going, Well look no further because its here !

 - 5% lidocaine
 - Water based
 - Once activated, will numb for approx 3-4 hours
 - Safe to re-apply mid procedure
 - Safe to use anywhere on the surface of the body including the lips
 - Vitamin E bonded to reduce inflammation


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Numbing Cream


Active Ingredient
Lidocaine 5%, Prilocaine 5%, Epinephrine 1%, Topical Anesthetic.

Inactive Ingredients
Benzyl alcohol, Carbopol 934, Lecithin (Soybean), Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E Acetate, Water.

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